Excerpt Choice

In considering what makes a good blog posts (and good writing in general), I chose the Huffington Post article “Coming Up England by a Different Line” by Gary Lightbody, the lead singer of Snow Patrol. And the excerpt I’m sharing contains the article’s first few sentences:

Coming up England by a different line. Not my words, but those of Philip Larkin, British poet and miserable genius. God rest his soul. He loved a train. As do I. I studied Larkin at school and every time I am on a train I think of that line from his poem “I Remember I Remember.” I can’t help it.

I chose this passage because–although I read the blog post a few months ago–I remembered it showcased writing ideas we’ve been discussing: experimentation with font (here the italicization of the first sentence) and variety of sentence length. In addition, the passage particularly stood out to me because it showcased the author’s unique style and process (much in the same way we chose passages from Orwell that revealed his unique style). This passage showcases Lightbody’s style of incorporating influential literature from the past into his writing. Here, he also demonstrates how influential authors affect him in the present–both in the way he writes and remembers things.

The rest of his post presents a series of memories from his life, in addition to becoming a sort of cultural critique on the nature of celebrity, with Lightbody using memories of his past and his present circumstances to relate his perspective on the over-zealousness of Beiber fans.

Another, more recent, blog post that I liked was “Grant Morrison on his Legendary BATMAN Run,” which transcribes Morrison’s reflection on his tenure (and its oncoming end) as the main Batman writer for DC, and how he thought about re-energizing the hero and story (within the comics–not movies).


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