Useful Websites to Learn Coding & Design

If you’re a liberal arts major you don’t have to minor in computer science or enroll in advance computer classes to learn some coding and expand your computer skills. It’s probably best — and more cost effective — to learn on your own and at your own pace using some free online sources. Here are some websites that are not only free, but are high in quality, as well!

  1. Codecademy: A good website to start developing some web building skills. It presents various Internet coding concepts with a set of exercises to help you learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other skills. What makes it better and stand out from just watching a YouTube video is its great and intuitive design. Not having to watch a video saves you time from having to watch video and try to understand varying qualities of audio. The layout of the website is also very easy to navigate, with menus for the lessons presented in an aesthetically simple graphics. Plus, most of the lessons are written in a straight-forward, easy to understand way and are presented in logical, digestible bits.
  2. w3Schools: Like Codecademy, w3Schools presents a bunch of Internet coding concepts — but with a lot more content. It’s big advantage is the huge amount of content it displays, but it hasn’t been able to efficiently fit in exercises into it’s tutorials. This lack of efficiency and integration makes it more cumbersome to use than Codecademy. So, it shouldn’t be a surprised that its website is also a bit more confusing to navigate — definitely not as easy or intuitive as Codecademy. It’s a website best looking to conceptually read about HTML and Javascript, rather than actually doing exercises to practice and see them in action.
  3. Adobe TV: Morie and more Liberal Arts majors are expected to know Adobe’s suite of programs, and one of the best places to learn them is their own Internet TV channel. It’s a site often overlooked in preference of in-person –and online– classes at colleges and universities. Learning the basics from Adobe TV is free, so you’ll save a ton of money that you would have been charged by schools or a private tutor. In addition, the quality of the video and audio is generally higher and easier to follow than watching the video-post of a random user.

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